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The Games We Play at Work

It goes without saying that our days at the studio are filled with never ending work. We arrive at the office, make ourselves a coffee, and then you’re surprised it’s already 6PM and time to close up shop. We all get this feeling way too often. 24 hours in a day is not enough to do all that we want to do. However, it’s important to take a step back and move away from the project; to do just about anything else. Sometimes you need to clear your head, take a breather and then come back with a fresh perspective on what you are doing. I can’t stress that subject more than I already do; take some time to do something else, it’s good for the project. It’s more effective.

But what can we do to that’s entertaining without leaving the office grounds?
Play video games of course.

It’s a common thing for video game studios (not to say that it’s an actual norm) to let employees play the games they want during their breaks and during their lunch hours. Not only does it help to take a step back, it also helps to build a relationship between team members. There’s nothing like a competition game to create a bulk amount of chemistry between our team members.

Rocket League

Developer : Psyonix
Publisher : Psyonix
Genre : Action, Indie, Racing, Sports
Category : Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Co-Op
Tags : Racing, Multiplayer, Soccer, Sports, Competitive

So how can you satisfy your cravings when it comes to cars, explosions, extreme sports, competition and skills? Just have a seat and play Rocket League. It’s accessible to any type of player really. You might have never played a competitive game or you can be a die hard fan of online sports gaming, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly and have the time of your life. One can easily play 3 to 4 games out of his lunch time and still have time to eat. The online multiplayer aspect also allows the team to face opponents out of the studio, which helps in developing teamwork.


Developer: Double Dutch Games
Publisher: tinyBuild
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing, Sports
Category: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Co-Op, Local Co-Op
Tags: Racing, Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer, Indie, Platformer

This time it’s all about speed, deception, competition and hand-eye coordination. There are several reasons for SpeedRunners’ great success; it’s effective, and has a very simple execution. It borrows in its own ways some elements that can be found in Mario Kart and adapts them with several well thought mechanics.  

The game is beautifully crafted and lets our team laugh and fight during lunch time… Or in between two meetings.
For those who love group competition and have high reflexes, this game is for you!

Don’t hesitate to challenge us, our team will be happy to beat your team… Er, I mean play with you all.
Make sure to come back soon for some new titles!