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Dive into the world of Mages of Mystralia 

In 2017 we released: Mages of Mystralia, an action adventure indie game. We went through a kickstarter campaign which was a great success and then a fair media coverage and a number of prize nominations (including “Grand Prize” at BIC festival and “Public Choice Award” at SXSW), those pushed our game worldwide. Our user reviews have always hovered around the 90% mark across all platforms and we were delighted that our game was very well welcomed.

In the kingdom of Mystralia, it takes more brains than brawn to succeed. You will face down giant, powerful creatures and navigate treacherous terrain. You will encounter puzzles that confound even the wisest of the old sages. And you must overcome obstacles put in place by people who do not want you to succeed.

Your path will not be easy. In Mages of Mystralia, you play as Zia, a young girl who discovers that she has been born with an innate sense of magic. Unfortunately, magic has been banned, so she strikes off to train on her own to gain some control over her powers. On her journey, she meets other exiled mages and discovers runes with magical properties and realizes that she can combine these runes in millions of different ways to come up with completely new spells.

The story was written by bestselling author Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms fantasy world for Dungeons and Dragons, which served as the basis for games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, as well as about 170 fantasy books.

Key Features

  • Design spells to fight enemies, solve environmental puzzles and battle epic bosses
  • Powerful yet simple spell crafting system
  • Classic action-adventure with over a dozen of distinct regions to explore
  • Original orchestral score conducted by Shota Nakama and performed by the Video Game Orchestra at SoundtRec Boston of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts fame

Press Coverage

“Mages of Mystralia Channels Zelda to Interesting Effect / you can produce some pretty neat effects. / Mages of Mystralia’s mix of charm and smart game design is immediately appealing, and it’s very much on my list of games to watch.” Kat Bailey, US Gamer

“I think it looks delightful.” Philippa Warr, Rock Paper Shotgun

“[…] you can do a ton of cool stuff that will provide some eye candy-like entertainment..” Andrew Otton, Tech Raptor

“Without exaggeration, Mages of Mystralia was the most interesting game I saw at PAX.” Darren Nakamura, Destructoid

“It’s something I’ve never seen in a game about casting spells and growing more powerful, and it’s what makes the game so unique.” Tyler Robertson, Hardcore Gamer

“Games have allowed players to create their own spells before […] but I’ve never seen a system quite like the one featured in Mages of Mystralia.” Chris Pereira, GameSpot

At the same time, we released the Mages of Mystralia Original soundtrack composed by Antoine Vachon conducted by Shota Nakama performed by the Video Game Orchestra.

The album includes all 50 tracks from Mages of Mystralia, composed and arranged by Antoine Vachon, with over 20 tracks by orchestrator Shota Nakama and the Video Game Orchestra.

You can find the complete version on the web, and if you would like to support us, the album is available as a soundtrack on Steam:

>> Mages of Mystralia Soundtrack

You can also buy Mages of Mystralia on Humble Bundle: